A Healing Mind is Darkened

Artist:  Audrey Maxey

Title:  A Healing Mind is Darkened

Medium:  Photograph 

Artist Statement:  I work through my anxieties and depressive slumps in my artwork. This particular series showcases the idea forever present in the back of my mind; depression is just a monster waiting for me to slip up so it can devour me. It is safe to say that at one point this was an agonizing fear. However, with the work and conversations that came about while making this series, I feel much more secure in my mental strength than I did prior to creating these photos. As an artist struggling with depression and anxiety, I rejoice in the moments where I was able to work through something by creating. This series is my most therapeutic to date and I hope I can help others through my artwork.

Artist Contact Information:
@maxeyworks on Instagram & Tumblr