Grieving Fathers & Grieving Sisters

Artist: David A. Feingold

Title:  Grieving Fathers & Grieving Sisters

Medium:  Digital 

Artist Statement: My art pieces, entitled, “Grieving Father” and “Grieving Sisters” reflect in title and image, four very important people in my life.

They include my dear friend, who succumbed to suicide as an outgrowth of her struggle with bipolar disorder a number of years ago (yet time is blurred by the recounting of such trauma.)

They also include her husband and two daughters, also my dear friends, whom I hold close to my heart, in awe of their ability to survive the devastation of such an untimely and undeserving death.

The images, representing the three individuals left behind in the wake of unspeakable tragedy call out through my images and from the work of other artists, the need to speak out for greater, more widespread suicide awareness and the elimination of mental illness stigma so that more people can be helped on a more timely basis, before their time runs out.

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