Love Amidst Chaos and Sudden Strike

Artist:  Anonymous

Title:  Love Amidst Chaos and Sudden Strike

Medium:  Paintings

Artist Statement:  These two pieces were painted shortly after my teenage nephew committed suicide. It was unexpected and caused internal chaos and reaching out to God. The blue and white waves painting (“Sudden Strike”) was painted prior to and the other (“Love amidst Chaos”) painted after God found ways to answer my most burning questions. Both express the chaos and angst I felt at the time, though “Love amidst Chaos” showed me beauty as well. One day, however, I turned the it (“Love amidst Chaos”) upside down, and it showed me something quite different. It portrays (to me) a bird caring for her/his young despite everything else happening; a picture of God in the midst of all this mess. I have chosen to display “Love amidst Chaos” not as I painted it, but as it was revealed to me later, with the caring parent displayed.