Porrima Submission – Gallery

Gallery Submission

Terms and Conditions


Please contact Kim Bryan at kbryan@rattlethestars.org or 217-372-4479 with questions or to request special accommodations, storage, transportation, handling, or display.

1. All works must reflect feelings about or experiences with mental illness or suicide, either for the artist themselves or their experiences with someone they know. The reflection may be included in the work itself or in the creation or use of the work as explained in the description.

2. All works must be original and belong solely to the submitting artists, and artists must have permission from any person depicted in the work to display the work in public.

3. Works requiring specialized display methods may not be able to be accommodated unless the submitting artist provides the necessary materials.

4. Limited space is available for displayed works. If submissions exceed the available space, displayed works will be selected by the Rattle the Stars staff.

5. The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Sunday October 6, 2019.

6. All works for display must be delivered to Rattle the Stars at 4002 Tallgrass Drive Champaign 9:00am-9:00pm on Friday October 18, 2019, or delivered to the SoDo Theatre at 111 S Walnut Street Champaign 9:00am-11:00am on Saturday October 19, 2019. Contact Rattle the Stars to make arrangements for pieces requiring special storage, transportation, handling, or display.

7. Art pieces may be removed from the SoDo Theatre between 10:00pm-11:30pm on Saturday October 19, 2019. Art pieces not removed from the event site must by picked up at 4002 Tallgrass Drive Champaign 9:00am-9:00pm on Sunday October 20, 2019. Unless prior arrangements are made, any art pieces not removed/picked up by 9:00pm on Sunday October 20, 2019 will become the property of Rattle the Stars.

8. Rattle the Stars will exercise ordinary care in the transport, storage, and display of the work, but cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

9. Artists give non-exclusive permission to Rattle the Stars to display art pieces and to use photographs or other depictions in news articles and promotional materials, including in print and electronic form.

10. Rattle the Stars reserves the right to exclude works that may be deemed inappropriate for a community event.