Porrima Submission – Performance

Performance Submission

Terms and Conditions


Please contact Kim Bryan at kbryan@rattlethestars.org or 217-372-4479 with questions or to request special accommodations.

1. All performances must reflect feelings about or experiences with mental illness or suicide, either for the artist themselves or someone they know. The reflection may be included in the work itself or in the creation or use of the work as explained in the description.

2. Musicians may perform original music or cover songs.

3. Rattle the Stars will provide standard sound equipment including speakers and microphones, and a projector and screen for accompanying displays. Artists must provide any other equipment necessary for their performance.

4. Limited time slots are available for performances. If submissions exceed the available time, performances will be selected by the Rattle the Stars staff. Artists denied for performances may submit a video recorded performance for display in the gallery.

5. The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Sunday September 22, 2019.

6. The performance schedule will be released by 11:59pm Monday September 30, 2019. Artists will notify Rattle the Stars as soon as possible if they need to cancel their performance.

7. Artists give non-exclusive permission to Rattle the Stars to record or photograph their performance for use in news articles and promotional materials, including in print and electronic form.

8. Rattle the Stars reserves the right to exclude performances that may be deemed inappropriate for a community event.