Rattle the Stars

Rattle the Stars on the 4th of July

Help Rattle the Stars raise awareness about mental illness and suicide by marching in the Champaign County Freedom Celebration July 4th Parade. The parade theme is “Celebrate America” and we are going to “Celebrate our Strength” in facing mental illness. We would like all participants to carry a sign naming the condition that has affected their life (e.g. suicide, self-harm, depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, etc.). This can be a condition that affects you personally or affects someone you love. We will be playing upbeat motivational songs about strength and survival. Our goal is to illustrate how many people are touched by mental illness and to let others know that we are strong when we come out of hiding and stand together.

We will have a truck and trailer available for those who can’t (or don’t want to) walk the route. Bikes and strollers are also welcome. Water will be provided, but participants will need to provide their own candy to distribute if they choose. Tshirts will be available (see the post for the design).

A few rules for participants:
Candy cannot be thrown, and can only be handed out to spectators.
Distribution of any other items is prohibited.
Pets are welcome, but must be cleaned up after.

Stay tuned for updates and final organizing information!