Quae non obstante

Artist:  Meghan Kelly

Title:  Quae non obstante

Medium:  Watercolor and Posca pens

Artist Statement:  There have been many times where I have wanted to stop living; feelings of worthlessness and shame warped my mind into a poisoned space where I found no comfort, only a hand to guide me further into the dark. I was afraid of everything, I hated myself, and I let myself slip further into the unknown; arms open wide for whatever harm would come to me.
I hid myself from everything. I let myself be afraid of people. I learned to distrust my own instincts. I starved myself and then binged until I was sick. I would cry until my chest felt like it would split in two.
Yet, I’m still standing, despite everything. Despite everything, I still try to find that glint of light to hang onto until I can pull myself out.