Rattle the Stars provides services to help individuals and communities prevent and respond to suicide.  All services are free-of-charge due to the generous support of donors, sponsors, and funders.

Suicide Intervention Education

★ Targeted and specific programming for:

  • Middle and High Schools
  • Parents
  • Youth Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Employers
  • Professional Workshops

★ All programs are focused on skill building and may include:

    • Understanding suicide
      • scope and frequency
      • causes
      • risk and protective factors
    • What to look for
      • warning signs of crisis, trauma, and suicidal thoughts
    • What to do
      • how to ask about thoughts of suicide
      • how to be supportive and talk about suicide
      • screening for risk severity
      • limiting access to lethal means
    • How to get support
      • connecting to resources and supports

School Chapters

★ Focused on suicide prevention and mental illness awareness
★ Student and staff led
★ Support for awareness events and activities

Community Events

★ Support and planning for discussions and meetings
★ Participation in parades, festivals, community gatherings