Rattle the Stars


Rattle the Stars provides a variety of services to help individuals and communities respond to and prevent suicide, and increase acceptance of mental illness. All services are provided free-of-charge due to the generous support of donors, sponsors, and funders.

Suicide Intervention Education

Targeted and specific programming for:

  • High Schools
  • Youth Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Employers
  • Professional Workshops

Focused on skill building:

    • Understanding mental illness and suicide
    • What to look for
      • signs of crisis, trauma, and suicidal thoughts
    • What to do
      • what to say
      • effective communication skills
      • Responding to statements made on social media or text
      • reducing access to means
    • How to get help
      • connecting to resources

School Chapters

Focused on mental illness awareness and suicide prevention
Student and staff led
Support for awareness events and activities

Community Events

Support and planning for discussions and meetings
Participation in parades, festivals, community gatherings